8 March, 2021

Why the E-Lottery Could Be the Right Choice

Lottery games players could be forgiven for getting a little skeptical about the E-lottery. after all the dodgy e-lottery scams of the last which saw players unknowingly prize more than they should have. However, when you come on board the e-lottery website and click the help section you will see this message which should put you off for a while…

The E-lottery is not a new lottery syndicate offering to send you free entries to win vast cash jackpots. Instead it is a completely different kind of lottery syndicate in that it matches every single combination of your five numbers on the twice as often as other lotto syndicates. The e-lottery has its own unique mathematical algorithm for every single combination and matches them accordingly to the winning lottery number.

While it is true that no lottery syndicate can guarantee a jackpot win, there is one huge benefit that the e-lottery offers players that has to be ranked as one of the best reasons for joining. Your numbers are entered automatically every week so you don’t risk a single dollar. This means that if you are not happy with the numbers you have been sent, you can simply get them re-randomized at the click of a button, which means you don’t risk a single penny more.

At the time of writing the article some players are still struggling to open an account with the e-lottery so we will tell you now how you can open an account for free.

On your first visit to the e-lottery, you will be asked to join a syndicate. Your online Euromillions account will then be credited with 5 pounds. You are then asked to choose between the 24 hour rolling big game draw or the once off Big Six draw. Pick your big game and your six number tonight.

Players can claim up to five brand new Euromillions tickets every week for the life of their subscription. Does just playing with your Euromillions syndicate account give you better chances of winning? You can win as much as £365,000 with a single draw!

The e-lottery does it differently to the monotonous Euromillions draw where the odds of winning are practically even. Players in the e-lottery syndicate have a 5% advantage over the normal lottery player. The massive advantage changes the whole picture of your lottery syndicate.

The whole idea of the e-lottery syndicate is to share the jackpot prize in the Euro millions draw. Players in the syndicate will be sharing the same amount of money as the other players but they will have an extra boost in their odds of winning. The bonus e-lottery syndicate members are given is set at 195%. This means that 5% of the e-lottery syndicate’s funds are put aside specifically for playing the bonus games with the highest payout.

These bonus games are the Golden Fortunes, Christmas progressive mega million, midweek lotto, every Wednesday super jackpot and the whole worth of the Euro millions draw. The Golden Fortunes, Christmas progressive mega million, midweek lotto and the whole worth of the Euro millions draw have the best chances of success and therefore share the Jackpot more than the Single Lottery ticket for the Euro millions.

Players a jackpot win will be shared among the e-lottery syndicate. Jackpot prizes in the Euro millions lottery can be shared to players from all over the world. This is one of the reasons why the e-lottery has been so successful.

capitals requirements are high and buying tickets online to play the e-lottery syndicate is an extremely cheap method of playing the lottery. First of all you have to purchase e-lottery syndicate memberships. This is not a very costly method of playing the lottery of course.

The capital required for buying e-lottery syndicate tickets is kept to a minimum as per the agreement. The syndicate simply buys the tickets on behalf of the players. The agreement is not about money for the playing of the lotteries but is simply used to verify who actually owns the e-lottery syndicate.

Players can easily play the e-lottery syndicate in the Europe lottery, El Gordo, the Spain and the UK lottery.

The El Gordo is not really a useful lottery at all as it is draw purely on the Thursdays and Saturdays of every week. This means that there will be weeks at the end of the month when no tickets are sold.

All draws are made from a Cosco superstore in Barcelona. The following weeks the draws are made at Badir al Barbuda in Aruba.

The UK lottery is drawn live on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights at 19:30 GMT every week.