8 March, 2021

Find Your Luckiest Day with

This word you heard mainly in tennis. This is used for playing in the Wimbledon championship. It is mainly designed for this 2-week championship. The remaining time it is never used. But I am not here to define the tennis terminologies. I am here to share my first experience with Centre Court slot machines. My first clash with it went 3 years back. At that time I was in Melbourne for witnessing the final of Australian open. I am a very big fan of Roger Federer. I love to watch him playing. He is a legend in himself. That year he reached finals by his epic way of playing. I never got an opportunity to watch them playing live. But that year due to some circumstances I got a privilege to watch him playing. I got final tickets. That also for free, by winning an online contest.

Centre Court Online CasinoI traveled from Kolkata to Australia according to the scheduled fixtures. I reached there one day before the finals. I was sitting in the cafe for having some refreshments. At that time I started searching for some valuable terminologies related to it. While I was in the process of searching I reached a website which was different from what I was searching for. It was based on the online pokies. I wondered what it is all about.

When I visited there then I found a game which was named as Center court. When I got information about it I found that the theme of it was based on tennis. I started exploring it more. After that, an enthusiasm was created in me that I why not to try it for one time. It needs an account so I created it there. The account creation was also free of cost so there was not any issue for me. I filled me all information and within seconds I was an account holder there. I got some free bonus coins as I was a new player there.

I made my first bet and started utilising those free coins. I won my first bet and I was overjoyed from it. But you never knows that when luck will change their fate. I lost me all remaining coins but that was not an issue for me because that money was not from my pocket. I enjoyed a lot on that day and from that day I became a fan of it. And from that day I am a regular visitor there because I am attracted by the alluring and glamor of it.