18 July, 2023

Fencing Auckland Services

There is a range of fencing solutions including gates and fences. Based in Auckland, this locally owned company strives to deliver excellent commercial and industrial fencing projects through site surveys, design, fabrication, installation and kitset delivery of kits. They can even supply automated gate technology. For more information you can visit qualityfencingauckland.co.nz

fencing Auckland services

A fence is a structure designed to enclose an area of land and protect animals, crops, or gardens from harm. Fences may be constructed out of wood, stone or metal. Their history dates back to early European colonisation of New Zealand when farmers used hedges and walls to enclose their sheep before later turning to wire fences as cheaper and faster solutions than walls. Fences have since become common features on South Island sheep stations with National Fieldays events holding competitions to see who can erect the best post-and-wire fence quickly.

Fencing disputes can involve numerous issues, from disagreement over type of fence or its intended purpose to property damage caused by it and disputes about compensation payments. A District Court or Disputes Tribunal can hear claims related to the Fencing Act and award compensation; alternatively it can order neighbours pay fencing costs.

Auckland Gates

Gates can be an indispensable addition to any property, offering privacy and security from passers-by while simultaneously helping to reduce noise pollution. They can also protect children from roaming animals. A good fence and gate contractor will work closely with you to design a solution tailored specifically to your needs, suggesting materials suitable to your environment as well as considering local factors like climate and soil type.

They offer a selection of products, ranging from domestic gates designed to keep kids and dogs safely contained to larger commercial gates for businesses. Services provided by them include installation and repair as well as gate intercom systems that can be installed both new and existing gates – making communication with those at your gate simpler, and helping prevent forgetting to close or lock it when leaving home or when leaving work.

Auckland Tradesmen specializes in residential and commercial gate installation and automation services, offering steel, aluminium and cedar gates tailored specifically for your home or business. Their strong yet stylish gates can also save on electricity costs with their lightweight construction saving money on utility costs while automated opening and closing makes things simpler still!


Fencemate is a leading fencing contractor offering services such as the repair and installation of new fences. Their selection includes various styles that suit both residential and commercial environments and come complete with warranties on quality materials used to construct them. Fencemate can also repair existing damaged or sagging fences.

Their products are tailored to provide safety for pets. Their patented safety harness prevents dogs from slipping between gaps of traditional rod iron, wood or metal fencing – thus eliminating the need for electric fences, playpens or outside kennels. In addition, this company also sells an extra small dog safety harness which fits snugly.

FenceMate offers an assortment of different fence styles, such as heritage panels, heritage slats, heritage trellis, classic Kiwi and colonial fencing that can be tailored to suit customer preferences and requirements. Products made of premium-grade aluminium ensure durability with low maintenance requirements.

DuraPost is a revolutionary solution that revolutionizes professional contractors and homeowners alike, being up to 80% lighter and twice faster to install than concrete posts. Furthermore, wind-resistant DuraPosts have been independently tested to withstand winds up to 70mph! Furthermore, as a sustainable product it can even be recycled at the end of its life cycle.