8 March, 2021

5 strategies to win in slot machines

While the slots become more entertaining, squandering money on them is an almost automatic act. For that reason, they must be used with caution. You do not need to be an expert to understand the dynamics of this casino game. In fact, the more useful information is collected, the more profit can be drawn from these machines.

However, people are not interested in knowing the mechanisms with which slots work. Most bettors are only interested in how, how to win, how to improve your chances, how to get extra credits, and so on.

Since they are quite inflexible questions, you have to evaluate several aspects to answer them. Even so, the main foundation that fans must handle for these machines is that winning them depends on luck and computations. There really is no more risky game in casinos than a slot machine, so to take advantage of them, nothing better than to inform yourself.

First, the functions do not include the reels or pay lines because they are parts that belong to the tangible of the machine, so conceptualising them is practically describing them. The most interesting part has to do with how he moves money through random numbers that are eventually returned to the players.

For a long time it was believed that this was just a myth, but really the slot system works like this. The machine accumulates credit – in the form of currency – and little by little stores it until the time comes to return it to the players. This “return to player” move, of course, is made in instalments. Hence, a player can receive a pair of prize coins or, on the contrary, win the jackpot.

This movement, in the slots guides, is known as “theoretical return to the player”, or RTP for its acronym in English. The odds that this money really ends up in the hands of the bettors, oscillates between conventional casinos and online. While the former has an index of 60%, the figure increases to a significant 98% in the online rooms. Therefore, it is not surprising the boom they have had in the community of gamers.

Although the RTP is, from another point of view, the calculation of the money that the casino loses, the slots still leave a pretty juicy balance to the bank. So much so, that only these pokies machines produce three-quarters of all the money that goes into business. What the player receives, in that sense, is only a fraction compared to the lucrative action of the casino.

There are other deeper considerations that allow us to calculate how much the casino receives and with what part the player remains. Some slots experts say that the durability of these machines does not exceed 7 years, so the accounts are drawn based on that amount of time.

Thus, integrating the costs of repair and maintenance, the credits that are returned to the customer and some additional bills, it is estimated that the casinos are left with 40% of the net winnings of the slots. How is that percentage possible if before we talked about profits that make up 70%?

The answer is logical. Within 7 years, the casino assumes tax responsibilities – taxes, pensions, salaries, and vacation vouchers -; but capital is also being reduced by the big prizes that customers get. At the end of the day, no one would play the slots without the real hope of becoming a millionaire.

Now, after all this explanation, the question in question has not been resolved. How to improve the chances of beating the slot machines? These 5 strategies will be useful to all players.

First: Hard limits

As mentioned before, throwing money overboard is incredibly easy when playing slots. So limiting is the most effective way of not throwing too many rounds or losing extra credits.

Whether the amount of time or money that is planned to spend on a machine should be limits full of reason, impossible to crack in the excitement of the moment. Some players decide to go with only what they are willing to lose, others activate alarms on their cell phones, but most only disengage from the game once they double the initial amount of their bets.

Second: Forget the bonuses

Obviously, not completely: After all, the rounds of bonuses and promotions fill the game with excitement and fun. What is really necessary is to separate one thing from the other. Players should be aware that not all rounds will bring profit and those jackpots, while attractive as nothing, are hard to come by.

The same goes for progressive boats. They are a stunning option, but in some cases, you could be stacking a big mountain of nothing. Why? The reason is that the money comes from other players, and reaching the necessary ceiling for the machine to “expel” all the accumulated credit, is not something that happens overnight.

Third: Evaluate performance for the player

Although the “return to player” (RTP) is the guarantee of a return of money, it does not mean that it precisely happens at the moment a player is in the machine.

For example, if a casino has a slot machine with an RTP of 90% and a bettor introduces 100 dollars of credit, it means that, at any cost, the house will keep 10 dollars of that capital. The remaining money will go into someone’s pockets, but not necessarily those of the user who entered the money. With everything and that, getting machines with a high RTP is a good alternative to have some advantage over the casino.

Fourth: Machines with low variance

Many slots that are arranged in the casinos promise cash as a reward, but generally, the frequency with which this money is given to a player is downright daunting.

There are other regular machines, which offer small but constant payments. These are known as low variance slots and, from where you look, are the best option to not end in total ruin.

Generally, they abound in the casinos arranged one next to the other hand, as it is to be supposed, they are those that more concur with players during hours and hours.

Fifth: Small betting margins

The great advantage of the slots in terms of money is that you can make incredibly minimal bets. Unlike blackjack or dice, whose initial bet amounts are necessarily 20 or 50 dollars, slot machines, when operated with coins, can be activated with cents or 1 dollar.

For reasons of practicality, some players prefer to increase the credit and go playing it round after round according to the number of bets they make, but the less money is deposited, the smaller the loss. When dealing with entirely random games, such as slots, the player must know that he is playing with all the possibilities of losing.